A focused and collaborative approach to environmental consulting.

When you work with EPI, you get a 27-year history of great work, meaningful results, and satisfied clients. Our principals and senior consultants have spent their entire careers building business relationships based on getting things done.

It starts with our extensive experience.

We have years of varied and in-depth technical and regulatory experience. We help our clients navigate the complex process of complying with federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations in ways that consider our client’s objectives. Our staff are experienced in a broad range of problems and issues – allowing us to tailor our advice and remedial action designs to meet site-specific conditions. Find out more about our people here.

Our professionals also have a passion for achieving meaningful results for their clients— identifying and designing a solution that fits their specific goals and needs. Find out more about our expertise and services here.

Customer service completes the package.

We believe that our client service is second to none. We have a reputation for being flexible, collaborative, and responsive every step of the way.

The talented team at EPI works closely with our clients to craft comprehensive solutions to complex environmental problems. We develop a complete understanding of our clients’ objectives and work with them to achieve their goals using efficient and creative solutions, while minimizing their risk. Find specific project examples that highlight our expertise here.

And our ability to maintain a staff of experienced, educated, and committed scientists and engineers allows us to consistently maintain the strong client relationships we value. Our team has the know-how to work within these regulations and find a practical solution so clients know their projects are being managed practically and efficiently.