Project Details

Environmental Partners, Inc. (EPI) performed extensive environmental investigations and remedial actions at the former sawmill site in Port Gamble, Washington.

EPI conducted a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) and implementation of the selected remedial actions in the uplands soil and groundwater at the former sawmill site. One of the upland source areas had elevated arsenic concentrations in soil and groundwater at a location adjacent to Port Gamble Bay. As part of the remedial action, EPI designed and oversaw excavation and disposal of soil with elevated arsenic concentrations. EPI also determined that groundwater with arsenic at concentrations greater than the site-specific cleanup level was affected by location-specific conditions, a reducing geochemical environment (which increases arsenic solubility), and saline matrix inference in wells close to the bay, which caused artificially elevated arsenic concentrations. EPI worked with analytical laboratories and Ecology to mitigate both matrix interference and geochemical effects and obtained approval from Ecology to use modified analytical methods for arsenic appropriate for those location-specific geochemical conditions.

Environmental Partners Inc–Port Gamble - Sawmill

  • Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study
  • Regulatory Strategy Development
  • Remedial Excavation