Project Details

EPI is conducting an ongoing remediation of soil and groundwater at this property, which was the location of a former dry cleaners. The current use of the lease space is a restaurant. The soil and groundwater underneath the lease space is impacted by tetrachloroethene (PCE), trichloroethene (TCE), and their degradation products cis-1,2-dichloroethene (cis-1,2-DCE) and vinyl chloride (VC).

EPI performed a remedial action that excavated the accessible impacted soil from beneath the concrete slab inside the lease space. EPI installed an infiltration gallery for nutrient injections that would continue remediation of the soil and groundwater by enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD). Groundwater monitoring wells were installed within the lease space and additional piping was installed to allow groundwater sampling from outside the building. EPI conducts quarterly groundwater monitoring and nutrient injections to promote ERD.

ERD has reduced the concentrations of PCE in groundwater significantly, from 8,200 µg/L in 2004 to less than laboratory detection limits at 2 µg/L in 2015. Vinyl chloride is the only compound present at concentrations greater than the MTCA Method A cleanup level. EPI will continue ERD treatments until vinyl chloride concentrations are less than the cleanup levels for four consecutive quarters.

Environmental Consulting Inc–Spencer Daniels

  • Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination (ERD)
  • Soil and Groundwater Characterization and Investigation
  • Remedial Excavation